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Sean & Ed Get Small, Real Small

November 30th, 2004

Brown Eyed Woman
Mama Tried
Wayfaring Stranger
Lost Highway

Ed and I got a little stupid and had a go at some new songs.
A bit sloppy but fun all the same.


August 20th, 2004

Here are a few tunes from my first album:


      Pieces Of Thoughts

“Real” The Tom T. Hall Project

July 25th, 2004

I played pedal steel on track eight with Iris Dement for her version of “I Miss A Lot Of Trains”.

I Miss A Lot Of Trains

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Secret State

December 21st, 2003

the key bump kids

Known now as the “Secret State Tapes” here are a few excerpts from a couple of impromptu jams with Ed Fila, my brother Brian and myself.

Billy In The Lowground
Lonesome Fiddle Blues
Girl At The Crossroads Bar
Dark Hollow

Sand Sheff

July 28th, 2003

Sand Sheff is a mighty fine songwriter from Durango Colorado. I had the pleasure of playing some guitar on this album as well as co writing the title cut “Free On This Mountain”

Click on the Album cover to hear some MP3’s

Guitar Samples

June 6th, 2003

Mr. PC is a John Coltrane tune off of the album “Giant Steps”
Originally writren in the Key of Cm, I play it in Am.
This is my bluegrass arrangement of it.

Red Haired Boy(fast)
Red Haired Boy(slow)
Bluegrass standard in the key of A.
I use a capo at the second fret and play it out of the G position.

G Lick #1(fast)
G Lick #1(slow)
One of many ways to get you from a G to a D chord.

D Lick #1(fast)
D Lick #1(slow)
Here is a closed position lick that goes from D7 to D9.
You can move this lick all over the fingerboard to change keys.

D Lick #2(fast)
D Lick #2(slow)
Nice cross-picking lick utilizing the open G string while fretting the D & B strings.

G Lick #2(fast)
G Lick #2(slow)
This drippy lick starts at the 15th fret on the high E string and falls down to the eighth fret.

Em Lick(fast)
Em Lick(slow)
This last lick starts on the low E string and takes you to a G7.

Farmer Not So John

February 20th, 2003

I played pedal steel on track one and track ten of this album.
Pen Across The Page

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